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Leading the way in Search Engine Optimization and Web Site Promotion

The key to a successful Internet Business is obtaining Top Search Engine Placement - Rankings for YOUR site.

The Internet is in constant flux…always changing and growing. The Internet's gatekeepers, the search engines, can reward a properly optimized and submitted site, but completely ignore the site that isn't optimized or promoted properly. Right now your competitors are trying hard to achieve an advantage in obtaining the top positions on the major search engines for the same keyword phrases your site values and uses. And some companies are beginning to exchange "quality" links with related companies to boost their site's "link popularity" with the engines, so their site will be favored even more over other sites.

Search engine optimization and web site promotion are the least expensive and most effective tools for getting high rankings for your site on the major search engines. If you want your site to get noticed on the Internet, having top placement on the engines is essential. Unlike "pay per click" rankings which can cost a small fortune each month for the top listings, the search engine positioning we achieve for your site doesn't cost you a penny each time a customer finds your listing on the engines. This allows your site to be visited over and over again for more than a year without costing you anything additional. In addition, your company would own and control the promotion files we create.

Your company shouldn't have to give away business leads / sales to your competitors when you can receive them yourself. At Promote Your Web Site, our goal is to grab those positions for YOUR SITE and achieve as many Top 10 rankings on the engines as possible. We also provide quality link exchanges for each client and we show you how to exchange as many good links as you want. After all, as hard as you have worked on your site, it deserves good visibility and recognition from the search engines and other web sites.

If your web site is not achieving the search engine positioning and traffic you would like it to have, or the sales you think it should be producing just aren't there, your site needs better search engine submission and positioning. The first step in web site marketing is to get listed high on the major search engines. Whether you want more customers to purchase your products and services, or you simply desire increased brand awareness, we can help your site achieve much higher search engine placement so the major search engines know your site exists and is open for business!


Why is it difficult to achieve good search engine rankings?

The Internet is the largest network of computers ever assembled. With millions of web sites now in cyberspace and thousands more being added daily, getting noticed is the key to success. After all, you can offer the greatest products or services in the world and have a wonderful looking web site, but if your site doesn't have good search engine registration, good search engine rankings or you don't have a good number of links or references, no one will know to visit your site and you will lose valuable business!

Research has shown that most people only look at the Top 20 listings from a search engine. Therefore, search engine submission into these top positions is critical to online marketing and the generation of more web site traffic. Top 10 - 20 rankings on the major search engines will generate targeted web site traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Search engine optimization is by far the least expensive and most effective web site promotion available. Depending on the product and the demand for it, just one top search engine ranking on a major search engine can be priceless and will pay for it self many times over! Just imagine how 100 rankings in the Top 20 positions on the engines could benefit your site. Many of our clients have realized hundreds of Top 20 rankings with their promotion efforts.

While search engine registration is sometimes free, simple search engine submission is not enough. Unless your site is advertising a product or service that has virtually no competition, search engine registration alone will not yield high rankings. Each search engine considers different characteristics of a web page when it gives the page its ranking for a given keyword phrase. If a web page has not been designed for maximum search engine appeal, then the chances of it receiving a high ranking are very small. was created to take the "luck" out of search engine optimization and turn it into a science. Our engineers constantly evaluate and accumulate information on what it takes for a web site to achieve good search engine placement. This knowledge allows us to consistently launch any site to the top of the Search Engines for their own unique keywords.

Success on the Search Engines comes from doing many "little things" exactly right...and this is where we excel. Please take a few minutes and review our web site promotion services, then call us at 1-817-453-0339 if increasing traffic to your site and receiving better rankings than your competitors is a priority.


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